Founded in 1996, the Shanghai-based Boill Holding Group is a diverse large-scale conglomerate with property development as its main business, diversifying into other areas such financial investment, industrial investment, asset management and international trade through its 40 wholly owned subsidiaries around the world.

Boill adheres to its mission statement ‘create quality lives’ and has earned its reputation as a trusted residential service supplier. Catering to clients’ specific needs, the team has developed sophisticated product portfolios and standards along with sound systems for design, engineering, cost, marketing, plan operation and customer service. Persistent efforts and cultivation have made Boill a respected operator that brings together industry and finance, as well as industrial growth and urban development.

They have built a real estate development business dominated by residential property, signature commercial property, industrial property and senior housing property extending across China and Australia. Delivery of outstanding multi-year construction projects has gained Boill market recognition and community praise. The company has remained the winner of China’s Top 100 Real Estate Developers consecutively since 2007 and is recognised by the panel of Development Research Centre of State Council. Boill is committed to building quality spaces, providing career platforms for employees, sharing development achievements with partners and creating long-term value for the community. They are forging ahead to become one of China’s Top 100 enterprises, sparing no effort to realise this ambitious dream.